Sunday, January 1, 2012

Humorsphere - laugh out loud #1

<<Meant for my friends who can read & understand Hindi>>

This blog post is not meant to offend anybody and neither is it reflection of my thinking. Through this post, I am putting together the laughter pills that I received over last few years from my friend. I am taking the liberty to post the ones I liked the most. I hope these pills flex your facial, jaw and throat muscles for a while. If you don't like them, just ignore this as another blog post.

gag #1

Ek fakir bhik ke liye masjid ke baahar baitha... Sab aankh bacha kar chale gaye . Usey kuch na mila .. woh phir church gaya, phir mandir aur phir gurudware ...lekin usko kissi ne kuch na diya .

Aakhir ek maikhane ke baahar aakar baith gaya . Jo sharabi nikalta uske katorey mein kuch daal deta. uska katora noton se bhar gaya .

Faqir bola,"wah mere khuda... !!rahaitey kahaan ho, aur address kahaan ka dete ho.."

gag #2

A newly wedded girl on phone:- Maa, today we had a fight..
Mother:- ohh dear pati patni me this happens sometimes!
Girl:- ok i understand but ab Laash ka kya karu??..:)

gag #3

A husband & Wife were arguing ovr sum issue.
After much of discusion, Wife finally said: Tell me dear , do u want to win or do u want 2 b happy?
Argument ended.

gag #4

Wife gets a new sim card and plans to surprise her husband so she goes to kitchen, calls her husband and says..'hi darling'..
Husband says..' i'll call u later dear..that devil is in kitchen' :P

gag #5

Boy-Ro kyu rahi ho?
Girl-Mere Marks Bahut kum aye hai
Boy-Bata kitne aye hai?
Girl-Sirf 88%
Boy-Khuda Ka Khof Kar zalim itne me to 2 ladke pass ho jate hai;)

gag #5

College life....
Boy: bada mushkil hai 'TEACHER' se pyar karna....
Friend: kyu..?
Boy: Love letter bheja tha, assignment samjh k check kar dia....

gag #6

Psychology ka practical ho ra tha.
Professor ne ek chuhe ke liye ek taraf CAKE aur doosri taraf CHUHIYA rakh di.
Chuha fouran Cake ki taraf lapka.
Dusri baar Cake ko badal kar ROTI rakhi.Chuha Roti ki taraf lapka.
Is tarah kayi baar food-item badle, magar chuha har baar food ki taraf bhaga.

Professor: Bas, saabit ho gaya ki BHOOKH hi sabse badi taqat hai.

Itne mein last row ki bench se awaz aayi:''Sir, ek baar Chuhiya badal ke bhi dekh lo,Ho sakta hai yeh iski biwi ho!”

gag #7

I asked my heart,
What’s the difference between Love & Friendship?
Heart replied,
"Bhai dekh, mera kaam hai Blood Supply karna,
Faltu Bakwas Na Kar !!"

gag #7

A man decides 2 open a bar in front of a temple. The devotees of temple campaigned to stop opening of bar and prayed daily against his business. When bar was almost ready to open, a sky lightening hit the bar and burnt bar down.
The bar owner sued temple authorities that their prayers r responsible for his loss. In reply temple authority denied that prayers cd do any damage to bar.

Case came to the court and judge commented ''I don’t know how i m going 2 decide this case, but it appears that v have a bar owner who believes in power of prayers and v have entire temple authority and its devotees who don't.''



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