Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cloud Computing Partner Classification-What type are you?

IBM enhanced its IBM WebSphere business integration software portfolio in early May 2010 after acquiring announced
Cast Iron Systems.  In Q3 2010, IBM reiterated its commitment towards its global ecosystems of business partners by launching first of its kind cloud computing lab in Hursley, United Kingdom.  IBM partners can access IBM's cloud technologies to develop and test new cloud services from IBM's network of 38 Innovation Centers worldwide.

Guess what? IBM has also classified its Cloud partners into six different categories based on partner needs (yes you heard it right, no more public & private cloud creator classification!)

Cloud Builders – Are partners viz systems integrators, hardware integrators and software integrators who build typically private clouds for their enterprise customers.

Cloud Infrastructure Providers – Are partners who own a data center or have some IT operations skills and want to build a public cloud. The list includes Value-added distributors, Value-added resellers, IT services companies, large Telcos and/or hosting providers,.

Cloud Application Providers – Are partners who develop business applications and delivers them as service via a cloud. This category primarily includes solution providers who develop applications.

Cloud Services Re-sellers – Are primarily the re-sellers of the services from public cloud providers viz SI, hardware or software re-sellers.

Cloud Technology Providers – Are partners who have the ability to extend the capabilities of other company’s cloud for example companies that provide automated tools to chargeback customers hosted in cloud.

Cloud Aggregators – Are partners who aggregate services from multiple clouds for their customers.

Here is what Dave Mitchell, Director of Strategy and Emerging Business at IBM has to say:

[youtube width="560" height="340"]![/youtube]


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